Service-Oriented Web Design

For service-oriented businesses, the most important goal of website design must always be to entice potential customers and encourage them to consider the services being offered. However, in recognition of the different types of services that clients may be searching for and the different expectations attached to those services, a number of different approaches can be taken in order to achieve this design goal.

The website for Crowe & Mulvey, LLP,, demonstrates one approach that can be successfully taken for service-oriented business website. The design is sleek and streamlined, not overly cluttered, either visually or in terms of content. This helps to convey the necessary sense of professionalism expected of legal professionals. Furthermore, the scrolling bar of awards and achievements directly below the main image on the site’s homepage quickly and effectively conveys a wealth of information about the firm’s qualifications to potential clients, creating a powerful “pull” factor as soon as a visitor comes to the site.

The website for Royal Fig Catering,, takes a different approach, consistent with its difference in terms of services offered and customer expectations. The site emphasizes a visual approach, displaying prominently the types of fare offered by the company and offering easy access to the full range of menu options available. It also features simple, direct written content from the owners of the company in order to establish a sense of communication with potential clients.

Both these types of approaches can be effective for helping to sell the services on offer.

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    Interesting take. I like how you talk about the intended audience as well as the actual style.

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