Excessively Top-Heavy Women May Qualify for Free Breast Reduction

Having disproportionately large breasts may cause a woman many issues. Their ability to participate in sports and other physical activities is limited, and they may face serious back and neck problems. Sweating in chest area may make falling asleep uncomfortable.

Women who have a cup size of DD or larger may be eligible for their insurance company to pay for a breast reduction surgery. The costs to these women may be as low as a simple hundred dollar deduction.

In order to qualify, however, the woman must prove that her reduction is a medical necessity.

To do this, insurance companies typically decide based on the weight of the tissue to be removed (it should be 1 to 4 pounds). Most women with a cup size of DD or larger pass this test.

Once the surgery has been approved, there are many things to consider before going under the knife. Firstly, breast reductions come with many potential consequences. Scarring is usually permanent, and in some cases, feeling in the breast and nipple may never return. The risks that come with all surgeries—such as heart attack or death while under anesthesia—apply as well. Most experts estimate that anywhere from 10-50% of women who undergo a breast reduction experience complications.

However, the surgery comes with many considerable benefits as well. The woman may be much more comfortable doing everything from jogging to wearing a swimsuit at the beach. Unwanted attention that comes with having large breasts is often reduced, and back and neck pain may be completely gone.

If you or a loved one are considering a breast reduction surgery, check with your insurance company to see if it could be deemed a medical necessity first.

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