Creativity In Web Design

In my experience, restaurants have some of the most potential for creativity in designing their websites, and a well-designed restaurant website can help to sell its service almost as well as anything else. But I also recognize that, in some circumstances, highly creative or ostentatious restaurant site designs are unwarranted and, potentially, even off-putting to potential customers. It’s all a matter of who the target audience is.

The website for Pappy’s Smokehouse,, is a case in point. The website’s design, while certainly not bare-bones, is fairly minimalist in terms of creative choices. Aside from the brick-and-mortar background and the logo of the restaurant (which was designed prior to the website), very little creative effort is put forward in the website’s design. Nevertheless, it seems appropriate for the overall ethos of a down-to-earth, traditional St. Louis barbecue restaurant. In fact, I would argue that a more stylish, modern design might actually have detracted from the overall image that the restaurant wants to convey about itself.

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  1. Creativity on the web can come in many different forms. Good job for pointing that out.

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