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How to Create Marketable Content

Your website can have the best specs around. It can adhere to the trendiest aesthetic principles of the day. It can have all the cool coded features that attract your audience to go into a clicking frenzy. But at the end of the day, you can come up with absolutely nothing new and the investment for a purely pretty picture can amount to absolutely nothing.

Why? Well, according to the website of Kinetic Word, this can be attributed to the simple fault of bad content. Think of today’s marketing a bit like dating. The definition of it has changed over the years, definitely, but the basic principles of starting and maintaining a relationship remains. These days, it’s all about that individual connection. In order to build a relationship, there needs to be a foundation of mutual trust.

So how can you create marketable content with the goal of attracting a prospective client? It’s just like dating. You get to know your audience first – figure out what it is they’re interested in and why they would want you in the first place. This can be done by asking them questions (surveys, spouting out a question that can generate answers online such as through social media) and then using the data in order to give them more than what they want but what they need.

Then, don’t sell the idea – in a traditional way, at least. People in this day and age don’t take the shallow route and just believe everything they hear and read on the internet. They are more hypercritical of the information they consume through the media and so it is the job of content writers to provide content that is not only engaging and relevant but also accurate and new.

Old methods simply throw in keywords that don’t matter for the sake of getting a few hits. But, in truth, hits can be bought – but loyal clientele takes heart and hard work that cannot be artificially manufactured.