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Multi-Objective Designs

A business’ website often must meet more than one objective. Depending on the type of business and its target market, goals such as establishing a desired image, providing useful information to potential clients, and demonstrating goods and services may all be necessary elements of a website’s design plans.

Looking at a toy store located in Austin, Texas, it is clear that all three of these goals can potentially be achieved in a single site. The website,, is for a toy store with a wide target market of customers, ranging from small children to college-age students at the nearby university to adults. To appeal to these diverse groups, the store has carefully cultivated a whimsical, alternative image for itself, and this image is represented on the website by the eccentric illustrations in the background, as well as the written content’s tone. However, the site is also designed to allow ease of access to whatever information the customer may be looking for, largely through the incorporation of a smartly organized header and a side-bar of different toy categories. Finally, the site features a wealth of professional-looking photographic representations of the various products on offer.