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Web Design For Attorneys

For business attorneys, more than almost any other legal specialty, it’s important that their website appear professional and well-designed in order to project the correct image to potential clients. For instance, the website for Slater Pugh, Ltd. LLP,, has a simple but attractive appearance and design elements which both facilitate easy access to the site’s features as well as simply and effectively highlighting the most salient features of the firm’s sales pitch to potential clients. Even the more mundane elements of the site’s design, such as the choice of font and background color, all work together to create the appropriate image for the business. A similar dynamic can be seen playing out in many other websites for business attorneys, such as, which takes a slightly more modern approach but maintains the air of professionalism that is required of legal professionals in this practice area.

Not all websites for business attorneys are designed with as much care, however. Some common errors I’ve seen on other sites (I’ll resist linking to them) include overlapping contact forms obscuring lines of text, poorly written or even misspelled content, and bright, visually distracting color schemes which make viewing the site an unpleasant experience. Design errors such as these can negatively affect the image that clients form about the professional services behind such sites, which can have a real, measurable impact on their performance.