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The Benefits of Integrated Color Schemes

One of the most basic yet sadly overlooked elements of web design is simply the integration of design elements into a coherent whole, and color scheme is probably the easiest way to achieve this goal. With the abundance of resources easily and freely available online, no site’s design should employ a color scheme that is not, in some way, coordinated. As the website demonstrates, the benefits of such a simple step can be remarkable.

The website’s overall design is fairly straightforward, and benefits from a minimalist approach which emphasizes only the most critical information for site visitors. However, this minimalist design would not function effectively without a visually compelling color scheme. Fortunately, the site’s design encompasses a relaxed olive green over a sleek white, with shades of grey delineating different areas of the site. This gives it a professional appearance that allows the overall design structure to succeed convincingly. Using color well, even a simple web design could have a polished appearance typically associated with more complex design elements.