Balancing Information Needs with Design Optimization

One of the most basic goals of good web design is finding a way to balance the need to convey information, which is, after all, what clients visit most websites for, with the need to achieve a certain level of aesthetic quality in order to ensure that visitors aren’t overwhelmed with navigation options or turned away by unappealing visual arrangement. One Houston attorney’s website,, does an admirable job of achieving this balance.

On the homepage, there are a wide range of different navigation options, allowing site visitors to either pursue additional information or to interact directly with live chat operators or fill out contact forms for the attorney. While the sheer number of choices that are given to site visitors as soon as they come to the homepage could easily be overwhelming with a suboptimal design format, the site’s appearance is actually quite attractive and streamlined. The majority of what a site’s visitor initially sees is simply a picture of a motorcyclist, with a navigation bar underneath and a sidebar containing contact and interactive navigation options. Importantly, these options are neither so large that they overwhelm a site’s visitor, nor so small that they have to be sought out. As the best website design is supposed to do, the site makes it simple for visitors to find what they’re looking for without losing anything in terms of professional appearance.

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