Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2013

While the basic design goal of delivering content to a reader in a way that is clear and concise will never change, the strategies for achieving this goal are slowly evolving. New trends emerge all the time, with some of them going on to eventually become standards of web design.

There is a lot to look out for this year. A lot of design experts are moving towards more simplicity on their sites. This allows them to make the site operate more like a mobile app, which people are becoming increasingly accustomed to. More familiarity with simple designs and apps allows designers to create elegant, cross-platform designs that don’t feel stripped down.

The user’s experience on your site should also be one of its main focal points. A good design will deliver the site’s message with little effort from the user, guiding him or her through the page. Of course, a flashy well-designed page is nothing without content. Having strong, searchable content will continue to be important, and might even become more important in the future.

The coming years will see a profound shift towards unifying design concepts across platforms as users continue to frequently access mobile sites and download apps.

Designing With Results In Mind

For any business‘ website, ideal design must be evaluated in terms of the business’ goals. For some businesses, a website is a way to convey critical elements of their desired image, creating an impression about the business for all potential customers. However, for many other businesses, designing and maintaining such a website is unnecessary; instead, their site is merely necessary to provide important information to potential customers in an easy, accessible manner.

Magic Carpet Golf,, is a good example of this second type of approach. The design is extremely barebones, incorporating little more than a static photograph on the main page and written content on a white background. A similar dynamic occurs on each of the subpages linked from the tool bar at the top of the page. However, everything that a potential customer might be searching for in visiting the website is easy to find and understand. Therefore, while the website’s design isn’t what would typically be thought of as effective aesthetically, it serves its purpose well.