Small Business Web Design

For professional businesses, finding an optimal design template for their websites can sometimes be tricky. On the one hand, it’s necessary to create something simple that anyone coming to the site can use. After all, attracting customers is the ultimate goal of any of these website, so creating a site that might drive some people away is the exact opposite of what these types of businesses want. On the other hand, a site with a boring or unprofessional design may lead some people to conclude that the business they’re dealing with isn’t particularly high in quality, similarly driving away potential customers.

To help show how important balancing these two design factors can be, I’m going to look at two sites and compare some of the ways in which they succeed in creating an unobtrusive but attractive design template.

Web designers should strive to create pleasant-looking sites while making it extremely easy for users to access whatever information they’re looking for. Backgrounds ought to appear professional without being too high-concept (an important balance to strike), and, most often, at the top of the page, there should be clearly marked tabs to take users directly to the information they need. Simple, no fuss, not to minimalist but also not too cluttered.

Similarly, the webpage for The Doctor’s Office Urgent Care in New Jersey,, meets a lot of these same criteria. It’s design is a little bit more complicated, which is okay, because there is potentially a little bit more information that the average visitor to the site might be looking for. Nonetheless, it has the same basic toolbar feature at the top, quickly directing potential patients to the information they need, and the dynamism of the slideshow images on the homepage helps to demonstrate the professionalism of the outfit.